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Dr. Bruce Perry

I highly recommend Our Deepest Roots.  The key points can be generalized to non-LGBTQIA+ relationships and carry the key message that all relationships are fragile and fraught yet full of hope and fulfillment.

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As a therapist, I work primarily with the LGBT population. I've been getting by on some of the seminal texts, but all have fallen short when digging deeper into things that were specific to the LGBT demographic. This book hits on some of those needed topics and centralizes those voices. I will definitely be having a few copies on hand to pass out to colleagues.

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This book is an incredible view into trauma work and is for EVERYONE. For anyone that has experienced trauma and difficulty navigating relationships, this is your game changer. Dr. Towns not only provides insight into her own experience, but provides psychoeducation on how to climb out of the trauma and into the healthy present. Most of all, it provides hope and a pathway to get there.
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