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Relationship Counseling

Let's Work Together to Navigate through the Past and Work Toward a Happier and Healthier Future!

Standard Weekly or Bi-Weekly

$225/ 1-hour session

This standard appointment allows partners to work through on-going concerns. In these sessions, there will be focus on attachment, communication, safety, and mapping how past trauma experiences show up as trauma reactions in current relationships. 

***Intake assessments are $250 for the first session. 

Intensive Sessions

$400/2-hour session 
$650/3-hour session
$800/4- hour session

These extended sessions are perfect for a single intensive, as a supplemental addition to on-going weekly sessions, or to better serve polyamorous relationship structures with multiple partners and layered relational dynamics. 

Speaking, Book Signing, or Training Requests

The rates for these events will depend highly on the number of people in attendance, length of training, venue, travel, and/or reciprocity of benefit (mutual publicity or reciprocal exposure). 

*** I do provide a discount for non-profit venues

Podcast Appearances

Podcast Requests are always welcomed! Please reach out to coordinate appearances.

Previous podcast appearances are: 

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